The Care Center Statement of Solidarity & Action

Now more than ever, it is crucial for those of us at The Care Center to state our support and solidarity with all survivors of sexual trauma and abuse.

With recent increased violence towards Black people, undocumented people, Native American/Alaskan Native people, Muslim-American people, Latinx people, LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) people, and all marginalized individuals, we continue our commitment to anti-violence, social justice education, and unwavering belief and support of survivors.

The Care Center believes that Black Lives Matter. Although, it is not enough to simply say Black Lives Matter or to just state our commitment to marginalized members of our community. The Care Center works everyday to ensure the highest quality of care to all survivors, to leverage our voice in the community to help others, and to educate those about the unique experiences of survivors who also face compounding and intersecting forms of oppressions. This is something The Care Center is continuously evaluating and improving upon.

No matter what, The Care Center will be here to promote a culture of consent and provide 24/7 support to survivors of sexual trauma and abuse in Douglas, Franklin, and Jefferson Counties. We see you, we believe you, and we are here for you. Advocates are always here to talk on our 24/7 Support Hotline at 785-843-8985 and to learn more about our counseling, advocacy & response, and education programs please visit

In Solidarity,

The Sexual Trauma & Abuse Care Center