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Started in 1972 as the first rape crisis center in Kansas, The Sexual Trauma & Abuse Care Center promotes a culture of consent while providing 24/7 support to people of all ages and genders affected by sexual trauma & abuse in Douglas, Franklin, and Jefferson Counties.

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Check out information about our offices in Oskaloosa & Ottawa by visiting our Contact page. Advocates and Therapists are able to meet with you by appointment to make sure you get the support and care that you deserve.

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On January 29th, 2019, Melissa Foree, Campus Advocate, submitted the following letter to the Department of Education as part of the public notice and comment period for the proposed regulations on Title IX. On behalf of The Care Center, this letter details the importance of the rights afforded to all students under Title IX. No matter what, The Care Center will always believe and support victims and survivors of sexual violence. Dear Department of Education, My name is Melissa Foree, and … read more

The Sexual Trauma & Abuse Care Center, or The Care Center, has recently lost its rental lease on its Jefferson County office in Oskaloosa, Kansas and is turning to the community for assistance in acquiring a new office space. The Care Center serves victims and survivors of sexual trauma and abuse in Douglas, Jefferson, and Franklin Counties. Started in 1972, The Care Center was the first rape crisis center in the state of Kansas and one of the first in … read more