Prevention & Education

The Sexual Trauma & Abuse Care Center values the role of education in creating a community of support for survivors in addition to the prevention of sexual trauma & abuse. The Care Center Education Team offers a variety of innovative presentations, trainings, and resources.


Community Education & Prevention

Interactive workshops are available to help the community understand the issue of sexual assault and harassment, consent, rape culture, bystander intervention, and what we can each do to help victims & survivors.

Whether you’re looking for an introductory conversation on consent or an advanced discussion on rape culture, we’ve got a presentation to fit your needs.

Professional Trainings

We offer a variety of professional trainings and presentations to service providers, hospital staff, law enforcement, youth services, school staff, workplaces, and more.

Trainings topics include: sexual trauma & consent, how to support victim-survivors of sexual trauma & abuse, sexual harassment in the workplace, trauma-informed care, The Care Center services & more.

Youth Education

Consent education is important for youth of all ages! Our Talking about Touching curriculum is an evidence-based curriculum on personal safety for ages K-3.

We also provide middle school and high school lessons that is interactive and discussion based that covers topics like healthy boundaries, gender roles, and self-care.

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Presentation Topics

  • Sexual Trauma & Abuse 101
  • Consent 101
  • Agency Services
  • How to Support Survivors
  • How to Support Survivors (For Service Providers)
  • Rape Culture
  • Rape Culture & Intersecting Oppressions
  • Crisis Response to Sexual Trauma & Abuse
  • Intimate Partner Sexual Violence
  • Sexual Trauma & Abuse and Underserved Populations (LGBTQ, rural, men, etc.)
  • Stalking and Sexual Assault
  • Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • “Talking about Touching” (K-3rd grade)
  • Middle school & high school lessons