One of the 613 survivors we have served so far in 2017 wrote a letter to tell you about her experience. The voices of survivors have been the heart of the movement since we were founded in 1972 and remind us all that every survivor deserves care.

To those considering donating to The Care Center,

My first encounter with The Care Center was with an advocate. I was attending a hearing at the courthouse when a very kind person asked me my name, gave me an information packet, and said she was there should I need anything. That casual kindness stunned me, so I just took the packet and sat down. I still remember her though, and when I felt I needed more help, I found that packet and The Care Center.

Now I receive individual therapy through The Care Center. My therapist has helped me out of seemingly endless darkness and pain onto a path with hope at the end. Even when I am afraid my struggles will shock or elude, she responds with empathy and constructive advice. Recently I participated in a support group at The Care Center. It was like a beautiful breath of fresh air; my struggles were not alien, they were the most natural reactions to what I’ve endured. We comforted and validated each other, we celebrated our successes, and understood our pains in ways that no one else had previously done.

I am a Survivor. Small words with incredible weight. It is truly tragic how many of us can identify as Survivors; my experiences with The Care Center give me hope that others can find the compassionate support and healing they need to overcome trauma, as I have.

– S

Make a donation today and strengthen The Care Center’s important work in our community for 2018. 

Dillons Community Rewards


Dillons Community Rewards Program


An easy way to make a big difference at The Care Center is to enroll in the Dillons Community Rewards program! It doesn’t cost a thing – you just shop like usual with your Dillons Plus Card and The Care Center receives donations on your behalf! The Care Center’s Community Rewards number is: NB159

  1. Just click here:
  2. Sign in OR Create an account.
  3. Click on “Enroll Now” under “Community Rewards”.
  4. Enter the 5-digit NPO NB159 and search.
  5. Select “The Sexual Trauma & Abuse Care Center” and click on “Enroll”.

In-Kind Donations

The Care Center provides new free of charge clothing to victim/survivors at the hospital when it is required that their clothes be confiscated for evidence. All items must be new!

  • Cotton underwear (ALL sizes including plus sizes)
  • Cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts (all sizes)
  • Cotton sweatpants and cotton shorts (all sizes)

We also accept donations of old and used cell phones. Cell phones can be in any shape, with or without accessories. Cell phones in good shape will be used as emergency 911 phones for victim-survivors and unusable phones will be recycled through our agency. Give us your old phone OR start a cell phone drive at your work or group place. Just bring them into our office or call us about more information at 785-843-8985.