Dear Friends,

Our mission is to promote a culture of consent & provide 24/7 support to anyone affected by sexual trauma & abuse in Douglas, Franklin, and Jefferson Counties. This year has been one of growth and the most common question we get from the community is, “How can I help?”

The most essential way to support the work is the simple, yet radical, act of believing survivors.

The Care Center promises to give our communities the highest standard of care for survivors and the most innovative prevention strategies available. Local, state and federal dollars have allowed the agency to expand and strengthen our services but we need your donation to continue this legacy of care. Every donation strengthens the foundation of the work we do and helps to ensure that every call is answered.

Believe survivors and help fund the future and strength of the movement.

In Solidarity,
Chrissy Heikkila
Executive Director


In-Kind Donations

The Care Center provides new free of charge clothing to victim/survivors at the hospital when it is required that their clothes be confiscated for evidence. All items must be new!

  • Cotton underwear (ALL sizes including plus sizes)
  • Cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts (all sizes)
  • Cotton sweatpants and cotton shorts (all sizes)

We also accept donations of old and used cell phones. Cell phones can be in any shape, with or without accessories. Cell phones in good shape will be used as emergency 911 phones for victim-survivors and unusable phones will be recycled through our agency. Give us your old phone OR start a cell phone drive at your work or group place. Just bring them into our office or call us about more information at 785-843-8985.