Ottawa Office

401 S Main St. Suite 8
Ottawa, KS 66067

By appointment only.
Serving all of Franklin County.
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Phone (24/7): 785-843-8985
Fax: 785-371-9568

Accessibility Information

  • The parking lot is just north of the 708 West 9th Street building with access to the main doors. There is also street parking available on Mississippi Street.
  • There are two sets of manual double doors facing the parking lot. Once inside the lobby you’ll find two steps with a rail and a steep ramp.
  • To avoid the steep ramp, you can follow the sidewalk along the Mississippi Street side of the building, turn left, and enter in the manual double doors on the 9th Street side. Please note that the 9th Street doors are often locked so we recommend calling ahead at 785-843-8985 so that we can meet you and ensure easy access into the building.
  • The Care Center’s office is on the main floor level across the lobby from the restrooms and water fountain.

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Confidentiality Notice: Email is not a secure or confidential form of communication. For complete safety and confidentiality, please contact our office at 785-843-8985.

Aviso de confidencialidad: El uso de mensajes electronicos no es una forma segura o confidencial de comunicacion. Para asegurar confidencialidad por favor contacte neustra oficina al 785-843-8985