Around the Table

Around the TableThe conversation about sexual assault has changed a lot over the last few years and it’s hard to predict the ways it will change in 2017. Are you part of a group that is looking for ways to make a difference? The Care Center wants to help. Whether you are part of a community organization, friend group, social club, book club, etc. The Care Center’s “Around the Table” program is here to make this conversation a little easier.

So let’s grab coffee! We can meet with your group and talk about ways we can make tangible change in our community. Need some ideas? Check out the following topics you can pick to get started:

    • 2017 Action Plan: Looking for ways to get involved? The 2017 Action Plan will help you set goals, get organized, plan ahead for 2017, and discuss ways your group can partner with The Care Center.
    • Use Your Voice: Your group will walk away with practical strategies on how to stand up for others and keep our community safer. We’ll learn skills to challenge victim-blaming, hate speech, catcalling, rape jokes, and more.  
    • Change the Culture: You choose to the topic and we’ll provide the resources: talking to your kids about consent, how to challenge victim-blaming, sexual assault myths & facts, partnering with The Care Center, etc.  
    • Self-Care for Activists: A great fit for our friends in the movement who are needing a space to debrief, refocus, and just RELAX!

Contact 785-843-8985 to learn more!

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